Ethically made and designed in Vancouver, BC

At LIENAPPAREL it is important to create a quality product. We pride ourselves on having everything made right here in Vancouver BC.  This ensures our products come from a safe working environment with fair treatment and pay for everyone involved. Our clothing is made from sourced premium sustainable materials with natural fibres like Bamboo and Organic Cotton.

Eco-conscious bamboo is a naturally sustainable choice. This select fabric is biodegradable, grown pesticide-free, and uses trace amounts of water in the process. Its regenerative nature ensures the plant is entirely regrown in weeks.

Bamboo as a Garment
Soft bamboo has a silk-like sheen. Highly durable and absorbent it wicks water away from the skin (4 times faster than cotton). Nature perfected composition promises breathability and temperature regulation surpassing cotton, hemp, wool and synthetic fabrics. Beyond esthetics, the plant possesses a unique anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property called "bamboo kun". This intelligent bacteriostatic keeps garments fresh and pure. It is one of the most hygienic materials since odour-producing bacteria cannot grow and spread in its ingenious design.