LIENAPPAREL is a local activist clothing line

5% of each tee and sweater purchased goes to charity

Ethically made in Vancouver

LIENAPPAREL was created to celebrate the beauty of the female body and to make a statement: we should not feel ashamed or embarrassed about nudity but celebrate its beauty instead. We should feel confident in all of our flaws and love ourselves. In Europe a women’s body is seen as art. We wanted to translate that female beauty into a unique artistic piece of fashion. We want to capture real women, including their flaws and beauty.

The second aspect of LIENAPPAREL is drawing attention to controversial and social issues. We like to capture socially unacceptable or uncomfortable topics and draw attention to them by putting the image on a tee. It's important to create conversation about issues that are often avoided in our society.

LIENAPPAREL also gives back to the community; the t-shirts are ethically made, designed and printed in Vancouver. 5% of each shirts will be donated to local charities in the community.



WAVAW: https://www.wavaw.ca/individual-donor/

Qmunity:  https://app.etapestry.com/onlineforms/Qmunity/donatenow1.html

Canadian Mental Health Association :  https://vancouver-fraser.cmha.bc.ca/

Canadian Breastfeeding Foundation: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/13606

Vancouver Women's Health Collective Society: 


Rise Justice Labs: https://www.risenow.us/donate